There are valuable life and business lessons to take out of this article. For me, it is “Fail fast, get up and bounce forward. Also, play the ball, not the man!” As the journalist aptly put…,…”For the full 94 minutes,, neither side felt the need to let cynicism rule, even if those tactics are often well within the laws of the game. Tackled? Get up, play on and maybe even try to engineer a counter-attack.”

The next time you are faced with a competitive situation, play as hard as you can and aim to win, but never lose your humility and respect for the opposition.
Never forget to respect the client and remain focused on the client’s needs.

And, you may not be performing in front of a stadium of spectators. However, in our hyperconnected world, everyone is watching how you behave ‘on and off the pitch.’


Screenshot 2018-07-08 11.33.27.png
In the stands Japanese fans, as they did against Colombia and as they did alongside the Senegal supporters, picked up the after-party litter
The Japenese team cleaned the changing room and left behind just one piece of paper with the word “spasibo” (Russian for “thank you”) written on it


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