Let me put it out there as an ‘open disclaimer’. My value system is challenged when it comes to rewarding someone for killing someone.

However one cannot ignore that first shooter games command the largest market share in a more than 100-billion-dollar gaming industry. The moral question of this figure is a debate for another day. My interest is linked to an incentive mechanism Caryn and I have been ‘trialling’ with our best subjects Craig and Tali. Let’s face it, the age-old pocket money methodology of instilling the concept of saving in our kids is losing relevance, at an exponential rate and the weekly ritual of handing out a few “Mandela’s” has lost its lustre. So how do we evolve? Address the needs of the digital generation and ‘play’ to what drives them. What I took away from this article is that it won’t be long before the word Winning will be hanged to Earning and a Marketplace with mobile versions as well as cross-platform support for PlayStation, Xbox and the like will provide access to our traditional goods and service entities which we frequent every day.

Tradable tokens, with the ability to accumulate, is the pocket money of the future. Saving takes place in the form of ether wallets and the token values determined by traditional market forces of supply and demand.
So how did the Bess Bunch move from a Winning to an Earning culture? It was relatively simple. Make the earning valuable and interesting! Caryn and I signed our kids up to www.code.org and for every hour of coding our kids complete, they earn ‘Bess Bucks’ in their “B” wallet.

Admittedly it doesn’t carry the most sophisticated level of cryptography and the technical infrastructure is rudimentary, BUT it works!! I have had more success withholding a ‘Bess Bunch’ token for misbehaviour, not learning or anything else kids get up to today, compared to withholding an R200 note!

War Field

#sameprinciples #deifferentapproach #values

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