We always encourage one another to go from “Good to Great”, to strive for greater success. Of late there is a concerted effort on self-improvement.

So I ask myself, with all of this focus on doing better and having tasted what success feels like why do Good things Go Bad……or to be blunter how have we allowed things to degenerate to a place where the next generation will, one day, ask the question “What was everyone thinking and why didn’t they do more?”

Part of our responsibility is to leave the World in a better place than we found it.

Sadly the article I just read in the ZA edition of the HuffPost made me angry. Angry, not because of the problems we have, but angry because we had something which was working, and was a shining example of what is possible. SARS was the poster child of hope. And now, with more than 50 executives who have left, taking along with the institutional knowledge and experience of tax collection and enforcement to the private sector and an R50-billion hole in our national budget, after revenue came up short we have a problem on our hands. Sadly one that could have been avoided because it was working!

Kicking the can down the road and not realising someone has to pick it up is short sited. The can may just be an irritant now, but the day will come when the consequences of not dealing with the problem will be felt.

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