I have always believed that when fundamental principles and logic fall short, we can always turn to our Trust in “Faith”. No doubt there have been many traditional investors who turned to ‘prayer’ or despair, last December when they invested their hard earned savings into #Bitcoin at the peak price of $18k USD.

Miracles are happening around us every day. So instead of praying for a crypto miracle, open your eyes and look around you at all the value you have in your lives today. All the things you never thought you would have and accomplish, and take a moment to be grateful. And once you have done that look back at the exciting opportunities #Blockchain can do for Good.

The world today is facing four challenges: affordability, accountability, reliability and marketability.

Blockchain solutions can help by increasing transparency, efficiency, scale and sustainability.

Reaping the full benefits requires a rational understanding of Blockchains strategic implications and overcoming its implementation challenges.

Let’s start by keeping things simple and if you believe and have faith it will happen 😁


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  1. Totally agree. Things always go sideways when your hair dresser and gym coach are lecturing their clients on Investments like Bitcoin. They are just the beginning but do nothing in my humble opinion. Their only value is the limit and mystic of it all. Blockcain is where it is going to be at. So Bitcoin is just the brand? Block chain is the secret ingredient. But is not so secret any more ?

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